Wednesday, 1 October 2014

'Older People' have changed the world!.. and will continue.

The whole point about health is that it must be worth it. There must be a purpose behind good health.
With so short - in relative terms - a human life, we need to go for the best not the worst, the boring, the miserable, or the mean.
Good mental and physical health needs good food, good exercise and interesting thought.
Now take the delights of a decent cream tea.
Scone made with plump raisins, good flour and fat,
eggs from happy birds on free range
- and no extra sugar needed.
Blackcurrant jam rich with fruit. Clotted cream if possible. Pot of tea, with whole milk.
Good company. What meal could be nicer?
Feel free to comment on your thoughts in the section below.
Aah... yes. This selfie is supposed to be about Older People..saying what the point is.
The point about 'older people' of my generation is that we have always changed the world.
We need to accelerate that now, both as a matter of keeping mentally fit, and to make sure
that the world remains changed, for the better.
No good sitting on your laurels, if you managed to gain any.

Instead, get them out,
give them a bit of a dust (if you really must)
and then get on with it.
If you happen to be 'a bit short of laurels', there's time yet.
If you don't want to go into a slow, slippery decline, get out, 'older person' and make your mark.
Be certain to enjoy it this time. 
With 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 years of knowledge
- and a little flip of anarchy -
 great things can eb achieved. (spelling, for instance)
Go for it!  

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