Monday, 2 December 2013

Empowered? – Not yet! – But Impatient To Be So!

I’m nobody’s patient patient
The system is all awry
It thinks I was born for patience
For patience until I die
But I was born impatient
To throw things and to cry
To scope life with other Impatients
But mostly to get by

I’m grateful - when I’m a patient
If ill – I’m prepared thereby
With the facts – to wait in patience
Without them I’m high and dry
I’m angry and I’m impatient
And if I’ve been told a lie
Disempowered – like other Impatients
I will not sit by and sigh

I’ll tell you that as your patient
The one who needs to defy
I will work over time and patience
To learn what you do – to pry
To change for us – all impatient
The system of health – your tie
From ill to good health – for Impatients
Work with me or I’ll ask why

The system must suit the patient
Must find what works and espy
The way to improve - in patience
The way to re-cut the pie
To serve the people impatient
The slice they need – and to vie
To bring the best – to Impatients
That’s what we can do if we try

Professional – Carer – or Patient
Loud woman or very shy guy
Set limits upon your patience
Take only what works – Magpie
Insist on the best – be impatient
Get rid of the worst thereby
Bad service produces Impatients
With work we can kiss it “Goodbye!”
So that there is no mistake:
Impatient – I am impatient – I am an Impatient(sing.) - We are Impatients (plu.)

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