Saturday, 14 December 2013

Its Art - a poem about the need for Art in our lives

Its Art
                                                                                                Its Art has moved all people on
                                                                                                Above their lower life
                                                                                                Its Art will feed – from artists gone
                                                                                                And cut us like a knife
                                                                        And though we raise our thoughts aloft
                                                                        Art shows us who we be
                                                                        Its bright – unclear – its sharp or soft
                                                                        It forces us to see
                                                We may not understand it all
                                                We wont – let all be clear
                                                For Art amuses when we fall
                                                Yet shows us what to fear
                        You concentrate on simple form
                        Or complicated view
                        And understand one facet - warm
                        Can mean so much to you
Yet always Art – elusive still
Escapes the final touch
For artists draw on complex will
On solid air and such
                        To fashion one collected hope
                        From many failures there
                        One view beyond the normal scope
                        One aspect wise - or rare
                                                To show a new way into thought
                                                If you will follow on
                                                Engage the mind in reason caught
                                                Before its reasons gone
                                                                        And Art – its essence all around
                                                                        Picked out by careful skill
                                                                        Can yet be understood and found
                                                                        By all who have the will
                                                                                                And whether Art arrives by sight
                                                                                                Or in some vacuum rare
                                                                                                Beamed in from long dead stars at night
                                                                                                Discovered in a stare
                                                                        Or in perspective or in none
                                                                        As foundrel - will - or thought
                                                                        To flicker here – snuff out – be gone
                                                                        Art will be as it ought
                                                Where it can once be recognised
                                                Art has the right to be
                                                Made welcome – not – or stigmatised
                                                Art does not bend the knee
                        It flourishes – successful weed
                        Unstoppable - remains
                        For Art is strength – it will succeed
                        We die – yet Art maintains
                                                                                                Art?!? Nah!

                                                                                    (This is a failed attempt to explain)
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