Saturday, 15 March 2014

Empowered Persons

So we discuss the way to go
The way to give the power back
Yet giving power will no more be
Empowering the Community

Than other ‘telling what to do’
And scanning badges to control
Removing with one sleight of hand
Empowerment from Community

The power must be in the air
And spreading widely in free range
To take – to seize – to use at will
Empowering the Community

Which only can its power claim
For need and purpose it will have
Not sit – a beggar who can’t reach
Empowerment from Community

The way to go is ‘set it free’
Just watch it fly – don’t shoot it down
Put in the seed and help it grow
Empowering the Community

Free will is something you can’t give
It will not live its life in chains
Dispensed by those we pay to care
Empowerment is Community

It sweeps through barrel-rolls in air
It feels the sun upon its back
And spies the land from dizzy height
Empowering the Community

There is no slot nor regiment
Where power’s forelock will be tugged
Yet still polite humanity
Empowers within Community

In part - the right is there to fail
Or win – or to protect your own
Or – in extreme – the stranger tend
Empowering the Community

Raw freedom’s rights are ill-prepared
To be subsumed below the State
And always humans who stand firm
Empower their own Community

So take the seed and feed the bird
Rewarding well its shining health
By watching – as it flies away
Where you can’t catch nor hold its life
Yet you can tend its ills and woes
Accountable of your own will
Empowered by Community
© 06 March 2014
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